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Short transformation story
To any ones who want to pay me to make tf stories i will also take effort on making them very good 
How this works:
Don't pay me just send me a note with the tile commission and what you want me to do
What i do: Human to Anything tf 
What i don't do: Human to human tf
When i have finished your commission i will comment on you profile and if you respond i will send a note with the story, if it's good you pay me, if it's not, sorry i will remake it
so basically that is, also most side effects allowed +5 i mean nothing really :3
i need these things: 
Tf into:

Newest Deviations

Derek Delphox TF - Fullbody by Maurili Derek Delphox TF - Fullbody :iconmaurili:Maurili 8 0 Derek Delphox TF - Mini by Maurili Derek Delphox TF - Mini :iconmaurili:Maurili 4 0
Sweet fragrance
Anthony is just an average dude, he's a well-known biologist, researching animals and pokemon alike, he's also well know between the ladies as a beautiful man, today he's exploring the woods nearby for reports of a strange, but good smell there, probably produced by some sorts of pokemon, if he find the pokemon out, maybe he cloud refine its aroma into a perfume to sell to everyone, so he prepared his biologist kit, and walked through the woods.
"Uh nothing seems to be around, maybe the reports are fake?".
He said as he continued strolling through the woods, he then saw a cave in the distance and...
*sniff... sniff* "yeah defiantly there's a strong sweet smell is coming from inside that cave... the pokemon must be around there".
He said as he walked through the cave, the nice smell only becoming stronger as he progressed, hen then arrived at the end of the cave... no signal of any pokemon there, only a strange item on the ground.
"Uh, what is this item? it looks lik
:iconmaurili:Maurili 4 14
Idol Power: Queen Bee
“Zzzzz.... I am a bee, a worker bee, working all day and night to keep our honeycomb intact”.
“This is going to be just another day... going out of the honeycomb... Collecting pollen, and bringing it back here to transform it into nectar".
The bee then flies out of the honeycomb, searching for flowers to take nectar from... She then saw some perfect yellow flowers, slowly, she lands on then, taking the pollen out of then with her's mouth.
"there we go, perfect nectar for building our honeycomb..."
She then saw something between the bushes near... It emitted a strong... Sweet smell...
"Must... Go ... To it!!!"
She then immediately flies to the strange object, called by its sweet smell... the object looked like a strange idol-statue thing but she didn't care about that, as she landed into the idol, because of its nice captivating smell.
"So... nice..."
However, her peace would as soon be broken as she heard a stran
:iconmaurili:Maurili 7 10
The Defender of earth
Carlos was just your average 20 years old man, he was the owner of a very big company that was an electricity company, they specialised in Thermal Power Plants, you know, the ones that the pollute more of the world, is estimated that Carlos is responsible for at least 1% of the world's deforestation, he was just in one of his various wood cutting facilities after a day's work of watching people cutting trees.
"even after all this time it never ceases to amaze me that the trees fall so fast".
He said proudly of himself, and then, all of sudden he saw a strange green light coming from the woods.
"What is that? Did someone leave some equipment off into the woods? I must pick it up before I lose millions of dollars".
He said as he walks into the forest, after a 3-minute walk he saw what was emitting the light, a strange cube-shaped object.
"What is this strange object? I don't know but it looks it would be valuable"
He says as the cube glows even more and then... it exploded in his hands,
:iconmaurili:Maurili 3 13
Poketrix by Maurili Poketrix :iconmaurili:Maurili 4 34 Pheelin  Phoxier by Maurili Pheelin Phoxier :iconmaurili:Maurili 17 6
The Eletrick Sheep Curse
Nina was a Pokemon trainer, she loved exploring the world and also loved exploring ancient temples forgotten by Pokemon story, she usually went with just her Garchomp at her side, one of these temples was known as the temple of the sheep, an ancient temple dedicated to a pretty normal Pokemon, Ampharos, know for helping people find their home in ancient times, Nina enter in the temple followed by her Garchomp.
the temple was indeed full of Ampharos statues and symbols on the wall.
Nina was talking while walking through the temple.
Nina: What a strange temple... let's explore around some more.
She said as she eventually finds an altar with a small golden Ampharos statue.
Nina: What a beautiful little statue let me pick it up.
Nina then picked up the small golden statue nothing really happened after that so she decided to go out of the temple she then turned away from the altar and then a strange voice filled the temple.
Nina was scared off by the strange v
:iconmaurili:Maurili 7 10
Strange dreams tf rp
After another long normal day you decide to sleep and... eventually sleep deeply...
you then have a very strange dream...
You see you are sitting ok a chair next to a table with a strange man in the other side, it starts to talk with you.
"Hello, welcome don't worry you are currently dreaming in the real world, my name? humans call me a lot of things for now call me Voice, in any case I have called you there to tell you the word is in danger, an evil force wants to take over the world of humans, I can't stop it directly so... I called a human out of random to become the hero, I won't tell you much because it's not the time to do so, first I want you to choose one of these stones"
He proceeded and put four orbs on the table
"Choose one, of course I will tell you what they are, not completely trough, if you want anything... specific tell me I can do it maybe hehehe"
You can look at the orbs colors... red, blue, white and black.
"Choose wisely Hehehehe"
:iconmaurili:Maurili 6 702
Restaurant tf rp by Maurili Restaurant tf rp :iconmaurili:Maurili 4 523
Strange items tf rp
You we me, whatever, where making something (depends on the item) then we find a strange item... that item is (some examples):
A book?
A amulet? Bracelet? Circlet? Ring?
A normal shiny stone?
A fang?
A couple of potions?
A phone?
A key?
A mask?
Something you want?
Whatever it's it can and possibly will transform us into something else
:iconmaurili:Maurili 5 319
That fateful eclipse tf rp
Today is 2035... wait I mean 2017  today's supposed the day that an eclipse will happen we were walking up a hill to watch it but something happens and we are teleported to castlevania... I mean a strange place that looks like a castle now what we will do inside it? Maybe it will tf us? Into monster like things?  Who knows? (Start rp)
:iconmaurili:Maurili 5 374
Inanimate tf Rp
You are with me when we go to a factory they want us to test a new
And then we tf somehow
:iconmaurili:Maurili 4 465
Strange Fallen Object rp
We are camping in a forest not so far from the city, we were going to sleep when we see a falling star... and it fell not so far from us making a lot of noise who will investigate that sound? 
:iconmaurili:Maurili 3 170
Dimentions TF Rp
you have heard about a portal to another dimention you decide to go alone or with someone else...
then we apper in another dimention....
tell me:
You Chose 
I Chose
Fandoms you know (to tf)
and only that
:iconmaurili:Maurili 4 130
PMD tf rp
I am finally doing this maybe
:iconmaurili:Maurili 2 556


Maurili Ref by August-from-April214 Maurili Ref :iconaugust-from-april214:August-from-April214 1 1
Male Gardevoir TF (Request TF)
Sorry I've taken so long to write this. I hope you like it and once again thank you for your patience. This is a request for :iconMaurili: Enjoy reading!
    Derek was a stone collector. Each day he would go out a search for rare stones that he could either sell or keep for his collection. It was a tough hobby but it was satisfying when he found a stone of particular value after hours of searching. But one stone was different that the others. It's appearance was that of a normal Dawn Stone, but it's properties were unlike any other. 
    "Whoa! Look at this!" Derek said upon digging up a small cluster of evolutionary stones. He picked them up and with his little brush, he dusted them off too see what type of stone they were. Then he proceeded to place them into his little satchel which already had quite a few stones. He was hoping to catch a Pokemon soon so that he could make this process much easie
:iconlucarioguy1:LucarioGuy1 2 0
[Request] Four Legendaries - Swords of Justice TF
Request for Maurili
Jeremy had hoped to become a pokemon trainer when they were younger. Later in life, they wanted to protect the pokemon from people who would abuse them. One day, their wish came to reality, in an inconvienent way...
Jeremy woke up one day feeling odd mentally... as if their mind was divided against itself. It got worse over the day, and soon Jeremy's mind was one of four seperate minds in their head. It was madness by the definition of the word. When they got home from work, they felt the other three minds splitting off from them, and they soon noticed that their head had split into four, and the split was descending down the body. It came down, and it split so that every part of the body had enough to regenerate what it lost. Soon, there was not one person, but four. Then, they started to change.
First, the original Jeremy began to change. It started in the head, where their head grew out and their ears shrunk in, along with their hair faling out. Their eyes moved
:iconkaverun:Kaverun 2 3
WerePokmon TF RP
You/ We are being chased by a Pokémon, it bites you/ us and we become it.
1) No mature
2) Side effects are up to you
3) say, "Moon light," and when I say, "Noon," we can start.
:iconmiddaywolg:MidDayWolg 3 76
(TF) Be wary of red sand by PurpleMNinja (TF) Be wary of red sand :iconpurplemninja:PurpleMNinja 10 27
Biomes TF RP
We are lost and you/ we start to become Pokémon.
Island: Fire and water types
Cave/ Mountain: Ground and Rock type
Forest: Grass and bug type
Tundra: Ice types
1) No mature
2) Side effects are up to you
3) Say, "exploration," and when I say, "Biomes," tell me the essentials.
:iconmiddaywolg:MidDayWolg 2 206
Picking your First Starter by Quintilianus Picking your First Starter :iconquintilianus:Quintilianus 2 8 Smoky Sky by Razkitty Smoky Sky :iconrazkitty:Razkitty 4 1 Zygarde 50% TF by LUNA1071996 Zygarde 50% TF :iconluna1071996:LUNA1071996 9 4 Greetings by Lacie-BunCat Greetings :iconlacie-buncat:Lacie-BunCat 6 0 Diggersby Curse TF by htfman114 Diggersby Curse TF :iconhtfman114:htfman114 5 6
(57) Corrination Day (Corrin TF/TG/MC)
This was actually the first time I ever laid eyes on him. Aleister I mean. I’ve only ever seen images of him, but here he was, true to what the images beheld. Eighteen years old, short, but not that short (I mean, he looked average, what else could I say?) and dressed in a simple blue suit with a black waistcoat. What really stood out though, was the black jabot. It seems that Al either got inspired by him or inspired this youth to dress this way. His hair was a rather luscious dark blue while his eyes were wide and vibrant. Honestly, he seemed to be just a rather well dressed youth. Nothing that really stood out to me.
It was the male standing beside him who took me by surprise.
And it seemed my presence also took the pair of them by surprise.
“So ye never knew I also ‘ad a demon fer a friend yeah?” Al quipped. Aleister stared right at me, then back at Al before sighing. He snapped a gloved hand before the tall gentleman with the black hair and red eyes bowed a
:icona-c-crowley:A-C-Crowley 21 4
Raffle 600 Watchers (Close)
Hello, i decide for the 600 watchers, i decide to put 100 point on raffle for the winner ^^ 
Prize for the winner 
- 100 Point
- Art of choice (can be traditional or digital)
For others Chafine give a Pixel: Cookie when you enter^^
Bullet; BlueWatch me  (new watchers is okay but no unwatch me please) 
Bullet; BlueFav this journal
Bullet; Blue Do a journal is optional 
Bullet; BlueComment "Cookie" 
When I reply with "Chafine give a Pixel: Cookie "  = Accepted, you will be added to the raffle.
Want to win a other ticket? 
- Draw a cookie on a draw (your character, a fan-art-  +1 ticket( a entry only !)
Please send me a note for as
:iconlaupin:Laupin 18 75
The Star - Arceus TF (Request)
It was a dark, starry night in a plain, grassy field. Maurili was sitting on a blanket, looking up at the stars.
Suddenly, a shooting star appeared in the sky. Maurili quickly made a wish before the star went away.
"I wish to have the power to create anything I want!" said Maurili.
The star slowly put Maurili to sleep. After he fell asleep, the star fell towards Maurili and turned itself into a trail of lights which surrounded Maurili.
The lights removed Maurili's clothes and private parts as his hair turned white on the top on black on the sides. His hair grew away from his body as his nose and mouth vanished completely. Maurili's hands and feet became white hooves with gold tips as most of his body turned white.
A tail which had the same colors as Maurili's new hair grew from behind Maurili while his neck became black on the bottom half. Both of Maurili's ears pointed out as his face turned gray. His eyes turned green with red pupils as a green circular pattern formed below his new e
:iconanimegamer30:AnimeGamer30 9 2
200+ Watcher Art Raffle! (OPEN!)
Thank you so much for everyone coming to my profile and watching! I hope to grow even more over time, but right now we have an art raffle!
All you have to do to join is..
Be a watcher of mine, doesn't matter if you're new. However, you must comment saying you want to enter. (1 ticket)
Tag/Whatever it might be called friends (AT LEAST ONE, every other person tagged is +1 ticket {Tagging more than one is optional})
Favorite the journal (Optional,  +1 ticket)
Make a journal (Optional, +4 tickets)
First prize: A digital piece, 1 full bodies, 2 half bodies, 3 headshot. 
Second prize: 1 full body, 1 half body, 2 headshot
Third prize: 1 half body, 1 headshot.
Participants will be listed under here: 
Lengthened due to few people
:iconnewtsart:NewtsArt 7 31
Jirachi Pixel Art by Tyranitar885 Jirachi Pixel Art :icontyranitar885:Tyranitar885 7 8



Currently on discord
Online: 6 
Bots: 6
Bots, bots everywhere 
you wake up one day and see a shiny bracelet on the floor of your home what you do with it?
RP prompt: 
you wake up one day and see a shiny bracelet on the floor of your home what you do with it?
Rumor: Nintendo copyrighted the name “ultra shiny” What it will be?
a) new shiny forms
B) “mega evolutions”
C) ultra Pokémon
D) nothing Nintendo aways copyrights random things and never makes them
E) You comment what you think it’s
In this RP we explore a pokemon region
maybe TF can be involved? who knows? 

Chose A region:


Also chose a starter type 
Fire Water Grass

say if you want to create a(nother) character and if I am your friend, rival or something. 


Maurili has started a donation pool!
61 / 1,200
For future (maybe) commissions and to me to test out core for 3 months (let me see if it's worth the money) our just people who wanna give me points ("money")

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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hello! my name is... Maurili! (that's not my real name of course) i am a fan of writing stuff (a lot ,i can not draw well so do not even ask me to draw something) i am a student, i live in Brazil, and i am Brazilian.
I know tree languages: PT-BR, English, and Spanish.
i have a diploma in advanced English, so speak English with me okay?
I have two mental illnesses: Hyperactivity syndrome and autism so plz have patience whit me and understand anything i do bad it's because is of my problems

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